Patrizia Paolini’s Practical Programme on creative potential: 4-day Hoxton Hall course (£45-160)

Editor’s Note: This one isn’t strictly a playwriting opportunity but we thought it might of interest to some of you theatre maker/writers out there.

Patrizia Paolini’s Practical Programme
10/ 17/24 February 2017 & 3 March from 5pm-7:30pm           Hoxton Hall, 130 Hoxton St, Shoreditch, London N1 6SH

About the course:

  • Patrizia Paolini’s Practical Programme is directed to anyone who is interested to discover, understand and use their creative and imaginative potential through the use of theatrical tools.
  • It is run by Patrizia Paolini, theatre practitioner, performer, teacher.
  • There are 4 sessions of two and a half hour each. The participant can take part to the entire programme or just one session.

What you get: The programme is a direct way of exploring and combining different theatre and performance techniques to generate, shape and perform material using your imagination, your body and your mind.

Cost: Entry fee: £45 single session, £160 the total programme of 4 session, £130 the total programme if booked before 7 February. Discount code PPPP.

To apply: Use this link

Deadline: none posted, but the course starts on 10 February

Source: Direct contact

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