Plane Paper Theatre looking for writers

Plane Paper Theatre is an emerging theatre company founded in 2014. We are dedicated to creating a platform for theatre makers to develop and produce original work that explores interesting questions and themes. We aim to work with new writers to create original and experimental theatre. We are on the hunt for new writers that can collaborate with the company and are holding open submissions for anyone who wants to share their work.

How to apply: If you have a completed play or even a first draft the please send your scriptand a little bit of information about yourself to No rules apply other than the play should be 50 minutes to an hour long and please consider that tech and budget will be limited.

Deadline: none posted

Source: IdeasTap Jobs Page

7 thoughts on “Plane Paper Theatre looking for writers”

  1. Hello

    Unfortunately the email address provided for Paper Plane Theatre does not seem to work. I have checked it for any spelling errors (although I in fact copied & pasted it) but it comes back with a message that the email account does not exist.
    Are you able to provide an alternative?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Kimberley Andrews

      Hello Aleksandra,
      Sorry about that, it seems there was a typing error on the site where we sourced the opportunity from. The post has now been updated with the correct address.
      Best wishes,

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