Podium.me: Writing for Radio Drama Workshop for under 25’s

Writing for Radio Drama Workshop for the under 25s: MONOLOGUES:

Podium.me the online platform for the under 25s, is branching out from journalism to launch a drama initiative. Podium.me has a reputation for working successfully with young talent. Itis a platform that is recognised by the BBC and the Radio Academy for innovation. Here is your chance to have your writing broadcast on Podium.me.

You are invited to attend a free workshop to learn new skills in writing for audio drama. Explore how to tell gripping stories and create unique character voices through the art of writing dramatic monologues. The workshops do not require previous writing experience only a commitment to attend. Writers who have their piece selected for broadcast will receive follow-up tutorials to develop their work. Once you have completed your first writers’ workshop you will be added to the mailing list and kept up to date with our future briefs & writing opportunities.

How to book: If you would like to attend these workshops, or be informed of any future workshops please contact: cordelia.galloway@podium.me

When: Saturday 16th July 10-4 Soho London

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