Writing Workshops from ComedySportz (Manchester)

ComedySportz are holding two wiriting workshops this summer…

July 25th – Sketch Writing. Led by Sean Mason.

This one day course will cover character and material development, script formatting (stage, radio and television) and developing your voice as a writer. Sean has been a member of ComedySportz for seven years, he is also a writer and actor with many theatrical credits.

Aug 1st – Long Form Crash Course. Led by Brainne Edge.

This Improv workshop may be useful for writers who are also performers looking at devised work and narrative structure. This crash course will take you through the basics of longer scene work, stronger character development and more succinct narrative. The workshop will explore various Long Form techniques and formats and is a great stepping stone from Short Form to longer, more involved formats. Previous Improv experience preferable but not crucial.

Brainne is the manager of ComedySportz as well as a lecturer at Salford University and LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts). She has been teaching workshops in Improvisation for over ten years.

Details: 1pm- 6pm each day at Recreation Studio, Manchester. £30 (or £50 for two).

These workshops are always popular and spaces are limited so email info@comedysportz.co.uk to reserve your place now!

Deadline: none, but the first workshop is on 25 July 2016

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Page

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