Programme – Watching A Whale Fall by Ayse Evans

When the all-female pirate crew aboard The Day of Reckoning is attacked by the British Navy, reality crumbles, and nothing is as it seems. The pirates are haunted by albatrosses, dead men and grieving whales. But how will they survive without a rudder? Why is the navy following them? And what happens when a whale falls?

Trigger warning: Gunshot sound and prop gun used, loud music, some use of strong language. Themes of death, violence, references to sexism.

Click here to access the lyrics to the pre-recorded songs in the performance.

Cast and Creative Team: 

Writer: Ayse Evans

Director: Laura Clifford

Captain/ Fleming: Frankie Warburton

Quartermaster/ Donaldson: Eve Batchelor

Botswain/ Munro: Chrissie McTaggart

Provost/ Meyer: Laura Janes

Sailing Master/ Sinclair: Katherine Edwards

Shanty Man/ Reid (pre-recorded): Ayse Evans/ Laura Clifford

Powder Monkey/ O’Keefe: Fleur Moore

Albatrosses (pre-recorded): Jerome Scott, Jon Day, Noah Lukehurst

A man: Peter Hardingham


About the writer

Captured on 18-12-2019 by Mike Bell Photography.

Ayse Evans is a writer, facilitator and actor from the south of England. She honed her writing skills through the Royal Court’s introduction to writing course, as well as with support from Mrs C’s Collective and The National Youth Theatre. Ayse’s work has been performed by The Corona Virus Theatre Club and Yellow Coat Theatre, and her play Squirrels was shortlisted for the Phil Fox Award in Playwrighting 2020.  When not writing, Ayse can be found knitting and watching competitive cookery shows.

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