London Playwrights Festival 2021: Programme

Welcome to the London Playwrights Festival 2021, we’re so glad you could make it to our week long celebration of new writing!


Click on your chosen performance for details: 


Monday 6th December: Watching a Whale Fall by Ayse Evans

Tuesday 7th December: REWILD by Gemma Lawrence

Wednesday 8th December: Lee by Sally Reichardt

Thursday 9th December: Hot Mess by Claire Seeber

Friday 10th December: Mum by Emma Dawson

The Kaki Bandit by Toby McShane

Saturday 11th December (5pm): All Work No Play by Scott Younger

Mac & Beth Holdings by Sally Wilden

Saturday 11th December (8pm): Pulse by Julie Tsang

Bass by Roli Okorodudu

Support the festival! This festival, along with the work we do to help emerging playwrights, was made possible through generosity of our supporters. Can you help us by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign? Please make a pledge here!

The campaign runs until Sunday 12th December and we appreciate every single penny!

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Festival Creative Team


Festival Co-ordinators: Kimberley Andrews, George Bailey, Emily Glaze

Festival Assistants: Jack Pepper, Selwin-Hulme Teague

Tech: George Bailey

Filming: George Bailey & Hal Darling from Chewboy Productions

Dramaturgs: Kimberley Andrews, Emily Glaze, Robbie Nestor

Marketing and social media: Kimberley Andrews, Emily Garside, Emma Dawson

Find out more about the London Playwrights team here. 

With special thanks to…

Savage Theatre Company, Nicola Allsebrook, Tom Harvey, Ian & Sharon Andrews, Bel Stanton, Sally Reichardt, Kate Jane Bradford, Phillip Reichardt, Catherine Freize, Paul Sirret, Nick Eisen, Shirley Clarke, Chloe Banks, Julie Daniel, Sally Dawson, Corene Lemaitre, Rupert Mallin, Jody Morgan.

David Brady at the Lion and Unicorn

A. C Smith

Executive Producers: John Munro, Andrew Sharpe


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