Sheer Height Theatre seeking submissions for Women Redressed

Following a sell-out success in November, the next Women Redressed will be on Sunday 20th March at the Arcola Theatre.

Sheer Height are pleased to announce that they are now accepting script submissions for the event.

What to submit:  Their criteria for scripts is as follows:

  • The plot of each piece MUST centre around a lead female character(s), AND/OR must have a gender issue at its core

  • There must be at least 50:50 gender balance in the cast (if not favouring female roles) or the option for characters’ genders to be fluid

  • The piece must be a maximum of 15 minutes in length

  • The piece can either be a stand-alone short play, or can be an extract from a full-length piece as long as it can be understood out of context

  • Bear in mind the time restriction, limited budget, and playing space when submitting. Pieces that specify elaborate sets or twenty characters in period costume may be tricky!

They are keen for submissions to be forward-thinking and innovative in their subject matter, genre, style and form.

They also welcome submissions that prioritise important gender issues and that deal with experiences of marginalised or minority groups.

Unfortunately they are unable to accept scripts if you have a creative team/actors in place already.

Please be aware that are unlikely to pick one-woman plays for this instalment of Women Redressed. This is mainly to allow them to offer as many opportunities for actors as we can. They are not ruling one-woman plays out, but you may have a better chance of having your piece chosen if it contains more than one character.

How to apply:  Please email with a short covering email introducing yourself and briefly summarising your piece, and attach your script in PDF format. Please put ‘Women Redressed Script Submission: <your name>’ in the Subject line.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email:

Deadline:  Monday 8 February 2016 at 5pm

 Source: FB Group – League of Professional Theatre Women UK

2 thoughts on “Sheer Height Theatre seeking submissions for Women Redressed”

  1. ‘Women Redressed’ . I was lucky enough to have an extract from my play ‘Grey Matters’ (now entitled ‘Grace’) performed at the Arts Theatre in London in November 2015. A great experience. Thanks to Sheer Height for the opportunity.

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