SLAM minutes 2019 special

30 Performers + ONE Location + ONE Vital Topic + ONE Minute Each

What a year! I mean, really, what happened? Why? How? And what didn’t happen, that should have?

SLAMinutes is back with a BUMPER edition in the New Year: a compilation of all the hits and the s**ts of 2019! Here are some ideas to get you started (in no particular order):

1. Gang Crime – Knife Crime has reached a record high.

2. Jeremy Kyle axed but Love Island survives.

3. Toodles to Theresa May, oh hi Boris.Wait, never mind, General Election.

4. The Climate Crisis

5. Two Words: R Kelly (!?!)

6. #WagathaChristie

7. Brexit – Never Gonna Give EU Up

8. The Royal Family

9. Protests in Hong Kong

10. Syria, Turkey, the Kurds and the fight against IS

And so, so much more: that little dragon on the John Lewis advert has melted our hearts while the sun melts the earth. Opposing communities have come together in support and giant spotlights have been shone on social injustices. In some ways we lost Rebecca Vardy, but in others we found our voices.

Is there any part of 2019 you’d like to investigate further? What part of the raging fireball stands out to you? What is still twisting your melon? Filling you with joy? Let’s kick out 2019 hard and bring in 2020.

Once again they are looking for 30 Writers: playwrights, spoken word artists, comedians, drag artists, singer-songwriters and everything in between. To give them ONE MINUTE each of their voice, their perspective of 2019.

Performance: 26th January 2020 at Shoreditch Town Hall

Please feel free to resubmit if you have done so before also.

How to apply:

Submit your 1 minute piece here

Deadline for submissions: 18th December 2019

Source: BBC Writersroom

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