Taking the Mick Theatre Company seeking short plays for London fringe night

Shorts@The Courtyard is a brand spanking new night of new theatre at the major London Fringe venue, The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton.

There are five spaces available for 15-20 minute shorts for the night which will give YOU the opportunity to showcase your new material in a London theatre. Taking the Mick Theatre will provide a venue and marketing, but writers need to provide a script and a dedicated company who want to produce it with them.

The evening will be an excellent way to collaborate with new companies and make contacts as well as produce an array of exciting new plays at an awesome venue. There are no specific rules, they just want something that’s original, 15-20 minutes long and to make sure you are available for the production on Saturday 13th September! 

To apply:  email takingthemicktc@hotmail.com with your name, your companies name, a copy of your script and a breakdown of your cast and company members. (Spotlight links, bios, stuff that makes you guys look really interesting!)

Deadline: 17th July 2014

Source: IdeasTap Jobs Page


Taking The Mick Theatre Company.

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