Talawa script submission window open (Black writers in the UK)

Talawa have up to three script submission windows per year and the latest one has just opened. They welcome submissions from Black writers in the UK (people of African and Caribbean origin).

The script submission window is open from Saturday 1 October to Monday 31 October (midnight). Please submit one electronic copy of your play either in Word or pdf format, with a covering letter.

Please note, they can only accept one script per person, per window.

The Process: They will confirm that they have received your script and it will be read by one of their team of script readers, who will report back to their Literary Associate in their Readers’ Meeting.

“You will either receive a detailed script report or, if your script is selected for further development, you will be invited to come in and meet with us.

This process takes three months.

Please note it can take slightly longer if your script has been shortlisted and recommended for a full read by our Literary Associate.

We are looking for writers and plays for Talawa Firsts and the Talawa Writers’ Programme. Your script will be considered for these opportunities and more”.

Deadline: 31 October 2016

Source: @TalawaTheatreCo

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