The Female Gaze seeking monologues about women in film

The Female Gaze is an online film magazine run by playwright Sarah Gonnet, that features reviews and longer pieces
on film and TV.

They are currently seeking monologues of 5 minutes in length, written by women, about women in film. The idea is that the chosen monologues will be tied together to create a play that would be performed live, as well as publication of the script, and associated workshops about women in film.

The monologues should have only one character speaking, although this does not have to be in the voice of the woman you have chosen, it could be a fictionalised character associated with woman you have decided to write about.

You are asked to pick and write about one woman from the list provided, which can be found here. If there is a woman you would like to write about which can’t be found on the list, feel free to go for it.

Ten monologues will be chosen for the final play.

Read full details here.

How to apply: Send your monologues to to apply.

Deadline: 8 January 2018

Source: Direct Contact

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