The Literal Challenge launch ‘Like the Prose’ short story challenge

The Literal Challenge – the people who brought you “28 Plays Later”, have launched a new writing challenge for 2019.

After the incredible success of the “28 Plays Later” challenge, which over it’s five years, has inspired the writing of 26,649 new plays, “Like The Prose” is new this year, and they would love for you to be part of this pioneering project!

How it works: Throughout June, participants will be sent a daily brief and have 36 hours to write a short story in response. The idea is to get writing and produce something creative everyday. Stories are submitted online and it’s up to participants how they choose to develop any, all, or none of their pieces once June has come to an end.

The registration fee is £19.84 and participants will have the choice of taking part by meeting the daily deadlines and receiving a share of the money from all people who dropped out, or, taking part without the deadlines and risk of disqualification (but without the financial incentive).

How to register: Registrations are now open through the website

Deadline: registration closes on 28 May 2019

Source: direct contact

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