The Sitcom Mission 2017 – open for submissions (Entry fee £10-100)

The Sitcom Mission 2017, the UK-based international comedy writing competition, is now open for entries.

Its seeks out the best 15 minutes of original comedy to be part of a showcase judged by comedy commissioners and attracts top producers from the industry. They include comedy commissioners from BBC TV, BBC radio, ITV and Channel 4, Comedy Central, Sky and producers from all the major TV production companies.

The shows also attract acting and literary agents, directors, writers and members of the public.

What to submit: 

  • Sitcoms  of 15 minutes.
  • Sitcoms that have series potential – a minimum of 6 episodes, and preferably a number of series.
  • Sitcoms With exciting Characters. Sitcoms are about people, and the more bold and exciting the central character the better. Fawlty Towers isn’t about a hotel in Torquay, it’s about a man who is terrified of his wife and his relationship with her and their staff. Contemporary sitcoms are all built around a central character or characters – Miranda, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Citizen Khan etc.
  • Read the guidleines here.

How to enter: Entry into The Sitcom Mission 2017  has a variety of entry fees depending on how much feedback you want.

It ranges from £10 for no feedback to  a £20 one-page review of your script. The top prices is £100 for feedback on your script which allows two weeks to do a rewrite and send it back. You then get more feedback on the rewritten script and you’ll have a week to do another rewrite before the deadline. First draft must be entered by Tuesday 28 February. Please read the guidelines here

When you are ready to pay for your entry and upload your script, sign in to the online system:

Deadline: From Tuesday 28 February to 30 April 2017

Source: London Comedy Writers

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