Theatre N16 seeking one act script (theatre company collaboration required)

Theatre N16, a new 50 seater space for new writing, is looking for plays for an evening of shorts in May.

They have nine slots for 20-30 minute shorts, where the space and marketing will be provided free of charge.  Your short script should already have a company attached to stage the piece. The evening will be an excellent way to collaborate with new companies and make new contacts, as well as produce something at an exciting new venue.  All companies will also receive a share of the box office and a chance to develop their work for press runs in the future.

What to submit:  “There are no specific rules to what we want, just something that’s original, 20-30 minutes long, and make sure you are available the last two weeks in May!”

How to apply:  Email with your name, your company’s name, a copy of your script, a breakdown of your cast and company members (with spotlight links and/or bios).

Deadline: 10 April 2015

(Ed note:  The deadline isn’t included on the original call, so we contacted them to confirm this.)

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

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