TV DRAMA: Script Editing & Development with Philip Shelley, Cardiff (HETV Levy Fund)

A fantastic opportunity to meet Channel 4 Screenwriting competition organiser Philip Shelley and to spend two days working with writers on the art of script editing television drama.

This highly praised training session is of genuine use to anyone who wants to learn the art of script editing television drama or who is generally interested in working in the genre.

Funded by the HETV Levy Fund, the course provides you with genuine insight into the art of writing, producing and script editing Drama for the screen.
Now in it’s second year, feedback for the course has been amazing. Students have found it “a fantastic opportunity to hear about Drama Script Editing from an experienced professional in a creative environment”. It is also considered a great “opportunity to script edit and gain immediate, positive feedback” and a chance to “meet and network with other writers”.
This is an informal and collaborative workshop that uncovers the real day-to-day role of the script editor, looks at how screen drama works, and explores how to improve scripts. It will help you devise marketable ideas for Television. Philip also explains key skills in layout, plotting, character development and writing script reports.

Start Date: 01/11/2016
End Date: 02/11/2016
Cost: £150 plus booking
Targeting: People interested in working in Television Drama.
Entry requirements: None
For more information: visit Hiive
Source: Hiive

2 thoughts on “TV DRAMA: Script Editing & Development with Philip Shelley, Cardiff (HETV Levy Fund)”

  1. This is really suspect and disturbing. It appears to be a cynical money making enterprise. Should this guy Shelley really be allowed to leverage his association with a Channel 4 competition so he can hoodwink desperate writers into shelling out £150. It is also supposedly benefitting from a grant from the mysterious “HETV Levy Fund” – can’t find anything about them but they seem to be associated with a commercial “consultancy” called Grand Media. Shelley needs to explain himself. Also does Channel 4 know that Shelley is riding on the back of their open opportunity for writers by selling tickets to what could be seen as a kind of primer for the competition?

    1. Hi Dan, We’ve heard good things about Philip Shelley’s programmes via word of mouth, which is why we’ve posted on the site. We do try to avoid obvious scams on the website, but we don’t automatically exclude opportunities with participation or submission fees, because different writers have different feelings about these things. Thanks for reading!

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