Foreign Goods Last Forever: Pokfulam Rd script call out

Founded in 2013 by Hong Kong born Jingan Young, Pokfulam Rd Productions 薄扶林道 is a non-profit London-based theatre company dedicated to pioneering new writing. Here’s an opportunity they’ve recently unveiled, as announced on their website:

“We are pleased to announce we will be launching a regular new writing showcase FOREIGN GOODS LAST FOREVER I that will feature extracts performed by a professional cast and production team from 6 work in progress / complete plays from new and established [female] writers of… Chinese & South East Asian descent, arguably the first of its kind in the UK, it will take place at the critically-acclaimed home for new writing Theatre 503 on November 29th.”

The application deadline for scripts is October 10th 2016, midnight. Please note submitted plays should be a maximum length of 120 mins and minimum 20 mins. And just to stress, writers must be female and “of Chinese, South East Asian descent (this includes British born abroad and mixed race). There is no min/max age range.”

The organisers also state, “We want stories that in some way address your background in all aspects such as life, society, politics, family, heritage. Form is, however free. You want to submit your play about the 1997 Hong Kong handover set in space, or a thriller about a Chinese family who go on the run in Ireland? Go for it.”

Want more information, including how to submit your material? Visit the organisers’ website now!

Deadline: 10 October 2016

Source: BBC Writersroom

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