Twisted Showcase: One Minute Horrors – accepting scripts

Twisted Showcase is launching a spin-off to their web-series to be shown in the lead up to series 4 called ONE MINUTE HORRORS.

Which is exactly what it says it is.

It’ll feature a great cast and be an accessible viewing experience whether in the safety of your lunch hour or for the more strong hearted horror hounds, right before you go to bed. At one minute long, it’s a quick scare you can fit it in wherever you want and scare yourself and your friends silly with repeat viewings.

In even more exciting news YOU can get your ideas made by Twisted Showcase. YOU can get an IMDB credit as a writer for this series made by the producers of the Guardian top 25 web TV show.

They are looking for one minute long horror scripts, quick set ups and scares requiring minimal cast and locations, an idea that fits with the Twisted Showcase style and more psychological in its scares than gore.

To enter send a PDF of your completed one page script along with a Writing CV

By submitting you are allowing them to produce and distribute the script. In return you will be credited as the writer and get an IMDB credit for the episode. They are hoping to be able to choose a few scripts to be made for the series. It’s a challenge to set up and scare within a page – good luck!

Deadline: 3 December 2015

Source: BBC Writersroom

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