Two-hander for two women sought for London production

From a post on Playwriting UK Facebook Group:

A major London Theatre has offered two Brighton based actresses (both well established, one is the artistic director of The Academy of Creative Training), a chance to perform a female two hander during October. They are looking for a new piece of writing and are willing to consider submissions regardless of the experience of the writer/genre of the piece.

What to submit/How to apply:  Send your work over to and ensure that it meets the following requirements:
-Just two female characters, preferably middle aged
-the running time comes to roughly around an hour
-the email also includes a 250 word synopsis of the play.

Deadline is July 15th, but send your piece over sooner rather than later if possible.

Deadline:  15 July 2015

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

3 thoughts on “Two-hander for two women sought for London production”

  1. Hi,
    Think I have blown it. The fact that you did not come back to me led me to believe that my request fell on somewhat stony ground. Therefore I eased off, as it were. If however you can come back to me by tomorrow, I can get something to you by the weekend. Please advise ASAP. Roger Goldsmith

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