University of Wolverhampton Seeking Songs by Female Writers for Student Performance.

James Lovelock at The University of Wolverhampton will be teaching module after Christmas that will culminate in a performance of new work by Level 4 Students.

In his own words:

This year, I am very keen to ensure that we have plenty of songs from a range of different backgrounds, and I’m aiming to ensure that at least half of our songs are by female writers. Ideally we are looking for four female writing teams to submit four songs each (around 15 minutes worth), ideally including a mixture of solo and ensemble numbers. We have four girls to every boy on our course, so we are looking for as much female material as possible!

The performances will be on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th May in the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton. They don’t have a huge budget, but we would be able to pay £15 per song plus a free ticket to one of the shows.

If you are interested then please submit a recording and/or a score of your songs to We will try and use as much material as we can, but obviously it depends on how many writers submit.

Deadline: None posted but – they will be looking to finalise the programme by 11th December.

Source: Women Who Write Musicals Facebook Group

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