Unmasked Theatre seeking new work for Brighton scratch night & fringe run


9 Extracts, 2 performances across 3 nights. 1 play to be produced for a full Brighton Fringe run.

What they are looking for (in their words):  

• We want your scripts (PDF’s please. None of this Office nonsense!) Scripts can be on ANY subject, from ANYONE
• We’re looking for extracts, not short plays. All pieces should be over at least thirty minutes, as the overall winner will go on to be programmed into an hour fringe slot. If you have a piece of work that is less than thirty minutes, we would want to see some potential for it to be extended for it to be considered.
• All applicants must send in a synopsis, their chosen extract, and, if possible, the full script
• We like to know where our writers are based and how involved you could be in the process. We would like a brief outline of your location and availability across the programme.
• We’re looking for new pieces. We are not looking for any previously produced work (rehearsed readings are fine)
• There is no exact cast limit/ staging restrictions, but please be aware these would be for scratch performances (We’ve still not mastered getting a real car on stage etc…)
• Returning authors/ reworked pieces are absolutely encouraged.

P.S, for our sanity please do ensure that scripts are formatted appropriately, with some proofreading and a reasonable font choice!

How to apply: all work (and any queries) to be sent to press@unmaskedtheatre.com with a brief cover letter. A longlist will be formed and all longlist writers will receive feedback from their industry panel. Non-listed extracts may apply for feedback, but fees may apply due to resources.

What happens next: nine extracts will then be taken and developed by local companies of professional actors and directors, including all award-winning companies: Unmasked Theatre’s Luke Ofield and Pip O’Neill, Pretty Villain’s Roger Kay and Blue Devil’s Ross Dinwiddy. Applications for further directing opportunities will follow soon.

One play will then receive a fully produced run at The Brighton Fringe 2019 at The Rialto Theatre.

Deadline: 9 September 2018

Source: direct contact

2 thoughts on “Unmasked Theatre seeking new work for Brighton scratch night & fringe run”

  1. From their Facebook page –
    “Please send full scripts [over 30 minutes long, but I’m assuming no longer than an hour] and a preferred extract of 10/15 minutes”.

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