Women Redressed open for Act II submissions as Act I entries due to close

Sheer Height Theatre, which aims to increase the number of well-rounded, challenging female roles on stage and screen, is open for script submissions for Women Redressed: Act I and Act II.

Woman Redressed Act I will take place at Park 200 Theatre on 12-13 March 2017. Act II  wil be performed on 10-13 April 2017 at the Jermyn Street Theatre.

The criteria for both Acts is that work must centre around a lead female character(s).  There must be at least a 50:50 gender balance in the cast if not already favouring female roles, or the option for characters’ genders to be fluid.

Scripts should be forward-thinking and innovative in subject matter, genre, style and form. Submissions should prioritise important gender issues and deal with experiences of marginalised or minority groups. Writers should think outside the box, take risks, and drive discussion forward.

What to submit for Act 1: The piece must be an absolute maximum of 15 minutes in length. The piece can be a stand-alone short play, or an extract from a full-length piece (as long as it can be understood out of context).

How to apply: Email scripts@sheerheight.co.uk.  Introduce yourself. Give a brief synopsis of your piece. Attach your script in PDF format. Write “Women Redressed Act I Script Submission: <Your Name>” in the subject line with your name.  Any questions? Email: info@sheerheight.co.uk.

Deadline for Act I: Thursday 12 January 2017, midnight

What to submit for Act II: For Act II, Sheer Height is not looking for short plays that stand alone – scripts must be part of a full-length play that is complete or a work-in-progress.

  • Extracts from a full-length play that you have written – it does need to make sense out of context.

  • Are part of a work-in-progress full-length play that you are working on.

  • These extracts can be up to 30 minutes long.

How to apply: Email  scripts@sheerheight.co.uk. Introduce yourself, give a brief synopsis of your piece, attach your full-length script or work-in-progress in PDF format and indicate the extract you have chosen. – Write “Women Redressed Act II Script Submission: <Your Name>” in the subject line with your name. Any questions? Email: info@sheerheight.co.uk.

Deadline for Act II: Friday 27 January 2017 at midnight.

Source:  BBC WritersRoom

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