Writing Platform Bursary 2015 – supporting collaboration between writers and technologists (£4,000 bursary)

The Writing Platform Bursary supports experimentation and inter-disciplinary collaboration between writers and technologists.

What you get:  This year they will be awarding two £4000 bursaries. Each bursary will be awarded to a team made up of one writer and one technologist to collaborate on a literature-related project over a period of three months.

The work created by the teams will be showcased on www.thewritingplatform.com.  The teams will also have the opportunity to present their projects at Bath Spa University’s Mix: Text on Screens conference in 2015.
How to apply: Submissions are made through the online forms found on their website.  (Please read the guidelines for full details.)

What to submit: Writers will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to participate in the bursary programme? (50 words)
  • About your writing (200 words) – Tell us about the project (s) you are currently working on
  • List any works that have been published (these can be traditionally published or independently published), performed, broadcast, made available online or otherwise experienced. Provide links where available.
  • About your creative practice (200 words) – Provide examples of ways in which you have sought to extend your creative practice in new ways, these might include creative collaborations or experiments with form and media. If you have been involved in digital literature projects tell us about these here and include links to any live projects.
  • What is the one area you are particularly keen to explore in this project and why? (100 words)
  • What do you hope to gain by collaborating with a technologist? (50 words)

Those applying as a team are asked to provide any details of previous collaborations.

About the project period: Projects will run for the three months from 15 January 2015 – 15 April 2015. Please ensure that you are able to commit time to a project during this period.

Deadline: 4 December 2014 at 5pm

Source: @newwritingsouth

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