Playwriting course with Jennifer Farmer at the Bishopsgate Institute


Playwriting is a vibrant avenue for creative writers to explore, and this course will introduce you to the critical and practical skills needed to produce works for the stage. You will discover how to structure narrative, create characters and craft dialogue, giving you the tools needed to shape the first draft of a play. This course will include a workshop with professional actors in order to understand the writer’s collaborative role in creating work for performance.

Course details:

  • Days of Week: Mondays
  • Time: 6.30pm- 8.30pm
  • Course Code: WR17103
  • Subject: Words and Ideas
  • Level: ALL LEVELS
  • Tutor: Jennifer Farmer
  • Max students: 16
  • Number of Sessions: 6
  • Status: Available/A
  • Cost: £134.00 to £178.00
  • Notes: Class on Saturday 26 November. No class on Monday 28 November.

    For more information about this course and what you will learn, see the course outline.

    Have a question? Send an email or  call on: 020 7392 9200.

Course dates: Monday 31 October – Monday 05 December

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