Short plays required for TAPSO (new writing event)

The Art of Putting Shorts On (TAPSO) is a new writing event, currently accepting submissions for its’ second performance.

Are you an aspiring writer? Would you like to see you work performed on stage? Would you benefit from working alongside other like-minded individuals? After the success of the first TAPSO event back in November, the second installment of an evening of entertaining and thought-provoking Theatre will take place on April 26th 2014. TAPSO is a collaborative evening where new writers come together and showcase their work individually to form a collection of 15 minute shorts. There will be 6 slots available.

TAPSO will market and staff the event which will take place at the Sarah Siddons Theatre (City of Westminster College). A technician and floor manager will be present at rehearsals and performance to ensure smooth running and a great show. Each participant will be guaranteed 2 free tickets for guests of their choice for the show.

How to apply: email with the following details:

1 – Your name, contact number and email address.

2 – A short description of your 15minute play and how you would like to stage it.

3 – Confirm availability for the date of performance: April 26th 2014

(Dress/tech rehearsals will take place in the daytime prior to the evening show on April 26, as well as additional rehearsal (TBC with participants).

Applicants successful in this first stage will then be required to send in:

1 – Your 15min (or less) script including clear tech cues (please keep these minimal eg. Spotlight, blackout, projection, fade etc.)

2 – Listed names of cast (maximum 8) and their ages. (And Director if applicable).

3 – Props/set list (again please keep minimal, this must be your own responsibility).

Deadline: March 26th 2014.

Source: IdeasTap Jobs page.

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