Tablespoon Theatre call out for proposals for Pot Luck Festival

Our annual Potluck Festival is a chance to bring your ideas to life! We are looking for proposals ranging from fully formed scripts to fledgling ideas. This festival will be a little different as we bring it to the digital age.
We want to help you gestate your ideas and create a piece of digital performance by collaborating with performers, directors/co-directors, and other creatives to get involved in this pan-disciplinary project subject to requirements.
The theme for this year’s Potluck is PERIPHERAL. Take that as literally or as abstractly as you want; we are looking for pieces that are interesting to watch and/or listen to formatted for a digital platform lasting anywhere up to 30 minutes. We are willing to work with ideas at any stage of the creative process!
How to apply: The application process will consist of a proposal submission and an interview. Don’t worry, we’re a lovely bunch, we just want to give you all an opportunity to express your ideas in a non-written format as well.
To submit a proposal, please fill out this google form by the 10th of December at 11.59pm:

If you would like to know more about Potluck, visit their website:

And check out last year’s performances here:
Deadline: 10 December 2020 
Source: Playwriting UK

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