Wireless Show seeking comedy skits and sketches

Are you a fan of sketch comedy? Do you think you can do better than what’s out there? Then the Wireless Show want to hear from you.

The Wireless Show are looking for comedy sketch writers to contribute both skits and sketches.

Give previous Episodes a listen so you can get a feel for what it is they do:



Eligibility: You don’t have to have any previous writing experience just the ability to scribble something that will make an audience chuckle.

What to submit: No more than 3 sample scripts. Sketches typically run from 1-4 minutes in duration (2-3 pages) and alongside the traditional sketch format they also like to throw in fake adverts, ‘official’ government announcements, information bulletins, news sport and weather and the odd comedy song here and there.

Whilst voice sound effects are doable to a certain extent please keep it relatively straightforward in terms of effects and cast numbers.

How to apply: email thewirelessshow@gmail.com

Deadline: 31 March 2017

Source: BBC Writers Room

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