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Swamp Motel’s Room 21

Off the back of a very difficult year for live theatre, Swamp Motel are looking to support creative talent in the theatre and entertainment industries through our new commission programme, Room 21. We’re looking for an original script or creative idea to adapt and produce into a live theatrical experience for the internet. We want to be your producer!

Think of Room 21 as a virtual room in the Swamp Motel, one that we’re offering to you as a writer’s residency. This is your chance to develop your original script or idea into a multi-platform narrative that can be told through an online, audience-led experience, with support from the Swamp Motel team.

We hope that this commission programme will attract people who have been affected by the government’s closure of the live theatre and entertainment industries due to COVID-19. Your submission could be an existing script or idea that was meant for the stage, the screen, or print. Or it could be something new for this programme.

The judging panel includes World Experience Organisation Founding Circle members and immersive trailblazers Stephanie Riggs, Creative Director / Technologist, and Vince Kadlubek, Founder / Director of Meow Wolf.

The commission programme will provide:

  • A writer’s fee of £2,000 (such sum to be a non-returnable advance against royalties)
  • A month working in collaboration with Swamp Motel Creative Directors (working virtually)
  • An additional writers fee of £2,000 should the script move into production (such sum to be a non-returnable advance against royalties)
  • A ticket royalty of 7% on net box office profits
  • Administrative, producing, production and marketing support from the Swamp Motel team

To find out more, click here.

Deadline: 14 June 2021

Source: Arts Jobs

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