Yard Theatre seeking submissions for Live Drafts

If you’ve got a new idea you’d like to develop with the Yard Theatre Theatre, you can submit it to be part of Live Drafts.

What they’re looking for: In their own words:

‘Our work bridges new writing and performance. What that means is that sometimes we make shows led by writers/directors, and sometimes we host work made by performers/makers. It also means we are excited by combining traditional modes of playwriting with radical performance practice.

But definitions don’t really matter to us. What matters to us is making work that communicates contemporary stories in contemporary ways, and explores the potential of live performance.’

What you get: Live Drafts is a chance for new shows to be developed and tested in front of an audience for the first time. They will offer artistic/producing/technical resource (e.g. tech time, reading your ACE applications), rehearsal space, and the theatre space over 1-2 nights, perhaps in double bill with another artist, so you can present a sharing of your work.

Live Drafts is for all kinds of artists. Whether you identify as a writer or a performer, a director or a maker. Whether you feel you make ‘new writing’ or ‘live art’. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve made a few shows before but you want to try something new.

Live Drafts is the start of a journey: shows seeded as part of Live Drafts will go on to fuel all aspects of The Yard’s programme, from a few nights at NEXT festival to a five week production.

How to apply: You can download the application pack from their website.

Deadline: Monday 26 February 2018

Source: @royalcourt via @Playwriting_UK

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