London Playwrights: What do members gets for £3.63 per month?

What can you get for £3.63 per month? London Playwrights Membership….and probably not much else these days! But what does that mean? What do our members get for their money? 

Well, first and foremost your membership directly funds our organisation and helps us to keep going! It means we can continue creating resources, opportunities, and bringing you the weekly round-up (which is free for everyone!). So you get to be a part of creating an organisation which supports new writing and strives to create a level playing field for all emerging playwrights!

Members also get some amazing benefits: 

All this for just £3.63 per month


Our members have made the following wonderful things for writers possible, to name just a few: 

Your support keeps our organisation going!

It’s thanks to our members that the work of London Playwrights continues so not only do you get some fantastic member benefits but you do an amazingly good deed by helping to keep us going (and we like to think we’re changing the world for playwrights, even just a little bit!). 

Not a member yet? Sign up here for just £3.63



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